Here’s a meaty stunt to put you off your dinner!

Product launches in the gaming industry are becoming weirder and weirder – woohoo! I love weird stunts and it of course makes great PR.

I think it’s safe to say that Resident Evil has really spear-headed its rivals with this one. I love a bit of gore, but even this killer stunt would have me freaked out. Considering I screamed in my teddy’s face when I thought there was a person in my bed, I think the butcher behind the counter would probably get a beating before I run to safety!

But anyway, forget my insecurities of bed-creeping teddies and human torturing butchers, I think this is a pretty cool idea – so simple as well, it probably didn’t cost them an arm and a leg!

Putting aside all the rubbish puns I’ve attempted, another thing I like about this little stunt is the scope of media it has attracted. Instead of just appealing to gaming mags, nationals like the Huff Post and the Daily Mail have jumped on board, increasing its general awareness (or maybe fear?) amongst non-gamers, like me!

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